Wednesday, February 24

Rapman – Premier League Wrap Up

Rapman – Premier League Wrap Up Ayo, welcome to the Premier League. You already know that be the tekkiest division that the world’s ever seen. From ‘92 when it burst on the scene.

Mad goals, mad games, football like we had never seen. Man United were the first to win it, Steve Bruce double headers in the final minutes.


Ferguson made it clear he never came to play; ain’t nobody won it more even to this day. Ay, who remembers Arsenal’s unbeatable run, nah, I ain’t even talkin’ the “invincible” one, I’m talking back in ’02, back when Rooney came through, he was 16 and he shocked everyone, man came off the bench and he hit it top bins. Wenger he was shocked, can’t believe it went in, youngest scorer in the league at the time, it was him. So shout out Rooney, that’s a Premier League king. And so was Alan Shearer, the league’s highest scorer, ain’t no other player scored more than him, could be headers or shots, don’t let him get near the box, cos 9 times out of 10 you know he’s gonna get it in.

And shout out Giggs, you know he’s got the most assists, and he’s lifted the trophy, what, 13 times? Ain’t no player won it more, that’s a Prem King for sure, ya dun know Giggsy was ahead of his time. Ay, remember that game QPR and Man City, the title race was close, it was getting mad sticky, 1 minute left and the score was 2-2, weren’t looking like the City boys were gonna pull through.

Great Chelsea

Fans started stressing, they thought that it was done but they didn’t know what was soon about to come. Mario to Aguero, a little one two, Aguero left the defender shocked, it went through. City won the league the first time in 4 decades. What a sight to be seen, a fairy-tale end for the Mancini team. Great managers come and help the clubs live the dream and all the best ones reside in the Premier League. Look at Mourinho and what he done for Chelsea, man won them the league two years in a row.

Try to know he ain’t called The Special One for no reason, he backed up his talk and he let results show. No bias, being real as I can, seems the pressure of the league really gets to a man. Remember ’96, back when Keegan had his rant, the love he had for his club, yeah, I fully understand.

But who’s the best from the Prem, though: Sterling, Gerrard, Salah, Aguero, Bale, Kane, Giggs, Ronaldo, Lampard, Scholes, ay fam, this is hard though, Beckham, Suarez, Bergkamp, Cole, the list is too long, man, only God knows.

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