Wednesday, February 24

Google Home You’ll Need To Give Me More Information Error – Fixed! (PART 2)

If you're looking at that right now and it's not turned on go ahead turn that on and you should be able to within seconds play your music. So let me show you I'm going to actually hit pause, and now that setting is off so let's go ahead and try. "Play Foo Fighters." "To get help with that you'll need to give me some more information you can do that in the Google…." So we don't need to hear that again but let's make sure that we're having the same problem over here. "Play Foo Fighters." "To get help with that you'll need to give me some." So there you go, so both devices now completely disabled from playing music and a lot of other services, and what I'll tell you is this whole set of different account settings here for allowing different activity to be logged, is critical to lots of these services working, and I don't want to get into the reasons behind all of that, but I just want to get this fixed for you.

Google Home

So again turn on Web & App Activity. You're going to have to tap turn on a few times and once that is turned back on again, you need to give it a couple of seconds, but now your music should be working just fine so…"play Foo Fighters." "Playing Foo Fighters on Google Play Music." So there you go guys now if you still have a problem if you're still sitting here talking to me then you know what, what you probably want to do is go through a couple of things. Number one I would just reboot this thing and give it a minute and from there what I would do is unlink from the account that's struggling after that, so un-link go to your home page and basically unlink that device from your Google home application, and then relink that device back up to your application.


After that I would go through a full factory reset after I waited a day to see if it cleared up for me. So you know what guys that those would be my steps that I would give you as advice here, other than that this should be solved for you. So thanks for watching everyone here come the links to go ahead and join us on Automate Your Life.

Obviously we give a lot of tips and tricks like this that are going to save you time with your Google Home, your Echo series of products, and all of your smart home products as well, so thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.



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