Wednesday, February 24

Promoting Your Work (PART 2)

Same with Spotify. You tell fans, potential fans, where they need to go to listen to your music. – [Narrator] Hey, Ariana and the Rose. – What's up? – [Narrator] How do you use CTAs to get followers? – I want fans to follow me, so I try to give them incentives and a call to action so that they feel like when they follow me, they'll be getting things back from me, whether that's music or merch or anything.

We use the platform as a way to give back to fans for following. – [Narrator] Using a follow CTA is a great thing to do before you release music, too.

Why you need promote songs on Spotify

Because once your fans hit follow, they'll always be in the know once your music drops. And once your release is out, tell your fans to add it to their playlists. Once you're in their playlist, they're more likely to listen to it over and over, which makes it more likely to get picked up by our editors and algorithms for even bigger playlists. And don't forget about Spotify codes: scannable codes that link fans to your song, album, playlist, or even your artist page. – We've seen artists put them on posters, post cards, flyers that they hand out at gigs, stickers, confetti. – Necklaces? (laughing) I don't know if that works. – I've been giving out cards that have the Spotify codes on them at my live shows so an audience can love a song, hear it at the show, and then go listen to it on a playlist on Spotify. – One way to think about your audience is there's passive listeners and there's active listeners. – [Narrator] Here's Dave. – Hey. – [Narrator] From Artist and Label Marketing with his take on it. – Everyone is at one point a passive fan. It's just whether or not you convert that passive fan to an active fan.

Once the song is out, like the moment's not over. What else are you doing? Are you reminding them? Are you telling them a week later? Are you telling them in a different way? – [Narrator] Makes sense. But how would you say in that in four words or less? – Be interesting and engaged. – [Narrator] Smooth. Well, good luck spreading the word.

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