Wednesday, February 24

Promoting Your Work


Promoting Your Work (coins dropping) – [Narrator] Music on Spotify, check. Artist page, looking great. Now it's time to kick back, relax, and– (record scratch – You can't just put the music out there and expect for something magical just to happen.

You gotta fight for attention. – [Narrator] This is Troy.


He runs Creator Services. – This is one of the first times in history where artists can have a direct relationship with audiences. – [Narrator] Social media can be a direct line to your fans, but you gotta know how to use it. Singer/songwriter TRACE, – Hey guys. – [Narrator] Has her social media game on point. – Fun fact: I landed my first tour by creeping (laughs) on social media. It sounds worse than it is. I think it's a public intimacy that I've decided to kind of lean into, and you kinda have to. I plan Instagram by first looking at my calendar.

Ricky Ross and Mike Posner

So if there's any cool studio sessions, film dates, interviews, or creative meetings, I kind of think what visual would look cool with that that I could share with someone. – [Narrator] And of course, there's always your personal network. For more on that now, introducing– – Introducing the boss, Ricky Ross. – [Narrator] Hey, that was my line! – Nah, I had to make sure I let you know. How you promote your work is you always start with your team and whatever's closest around you. I could release an album, at 3 a.m. in the morning I'll be looking to see if some of my friends posted it on IG. Oh, he ain't posted. Write him on that list. – [Narrator] And that's keeping it 100. Okay, let's talk to Mike Posner. – Are my feet in shot? – [Narrator] Nope, they're not. – What about now? – [Narrator] Okay, now they are.

So tell us how you use your network? – When I put out a project, I just go full-court press all in. Texting and iMessaging all my friends about the record and asking them to share, asking them to post about it. – [Narrator] Sounds like a good use of call to actions or CTAs. For more on that, here's Drew and Bryan from Creator Services. – Up until recently, Bryan had a crazy cliff. – Coiff. – He shaved– – Coiff or cliff? – Cliff. – Coiff. – Cliff? – Coiff. – Is it called a Coiff? – A cliff is something you fall off. – [Narrator] Okay, so what's the best way to use CTAs? – It's important for you to think about social media as an avenue to drive a regular traffic of people into your artist page. – You need to direct fans what to do.

It's like if you were selling a record, a tape, a CD many years ago, you would tell them where to buy it.

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