Wednesday, February 24

Sam Yeah from Spotify (PART 2)

So if you want to reach them here, Ad Studio can help – Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy to create audio ads that reach listener on Spotify's free tier. You can share a taste of you music with a targeted group of listener who are more likely to love it. – I use Ad Studio whenever I release a new song. – That's Brian Hazard from Color Theory.

With my latest adI saw a ten percent conversion rate. Conversion rate is just how many people listen to your music after hearing your ad, right? – And when they did click through my music, people listen to an average of five of my tracks. What's especially cool about that people are already on a platform design for music, listen to music. So clicking through they don't need to go to another site, It's really simple for them to listen to my music. – That is cool, Brian. It's pretty fantastic. – And the cherry on top, you can actually see what – It's great because you don't have to guess at how many new fans you've created through your campaign ads.


We'll show exactly how many listeners save a track or add it to a playlist, how many new followers you have, where they are, what else they are listening to. You can finally understand the real world results of the – And there is even more coming. – We are rolling out Marquee, a new release announcement that tells you, your fans about your new album when their most likely to dive in and listen to it. – Right now, Marquee is available to some artists in the United States, but we are working on making it available to everyone worldwide. – Look, I know that it hard trying to cut there all the noise, but at the end of the day that's why it's important to be smart and strategic whenever you rolling out your projects and putting money into that. Quality data is as good as gold. Use it to reach new fans who are already in love with your


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