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Sam Yeah from Spotify (buy plays)


– You've been working hard, doing your thing, and you're finally starting to pick up some heat. Now how are you gonna turn that exposure into clicks, followers and fans? – Sam Yeah from Spotify. – Is here to school us. – Feel like I have jazz hands. Before launching a digital campaign, you wanna understand your data.



Why buy plays from Spotify

Having the data and knowing how to use it, is what's gonna help you reach listeners at the right time and turn them into fans. It's the number one way to stretch a budget as far as it can go.

– This is Tokimonsta. She knows the importance of data. As an artist, it's something that we don't wanna always have to deal with, but so much of being a successful musician, whatever success is to you, is having to pay attention to analytics and numbers.

– Okay, so what makes data different of Spotify's to buy plays?

– You can grow your audience by running campaigns on social media, but you also want to know if you are attracting your fans by selfies or fans of your music.

– That's Charlton from Spotify.

– That's were the data in Spotify from Artist really pays off because you can actually see how the actions you take can resulting in people connecting with your music. So if you are promoting a particular album you can watch to see the play of those tracks are increasing or if you are trying to drive to a particular playlist, you can see that follower account growing over time.

– When I release music, the data I pay the most attention to is probably to number of streams. It does mean a lot to see the numbers and be like "okay." People like the song on the album, I never thought that they would like this song. That's great news, cause then I love that song and I just thought that no one else would like it. Now I can make that a single.

– Got a track that is really blowing up? Dig into the data to make maximize it's reach. – Let's say your track is resonating with women in New York, ages 18 to 27.

That's valuably demographic data that you can actually use to target fan fun other platforms like social or even on Spotify Ads Studio. – More on that in a bit. Now to make sense on all this data, you can always call on some help from an industry pro, like Sharell Jeffrey. – Once I have a better understanding of an audiences demographic and the behaviors, we can do things like promote on a different platform or just enhance that audiences on Spotify. Basically convert those listener to followers. – Now y'all know the best music fans in the world are already on Spotify.

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