Wednesday, February 24

Planning Your Tour (PART 2)

That means booking travels and accommodations, getting in touch with the venues in advance, scheduling, security, dressing rooms, technical riders, hospitality riders, you want me to keep going? – I think we got it. Keep in mind, if you don't have a tour manager you'll have to juggle it all yourself, or have a friend or bandmate do it for you. – You'll also work with booking agents who can connect you to venues in exchange for a cut, with promoters who can hire you for shows, and sometimes with talent buyers who work directly for venues. – So as a booking agent I work with everyone on the artist's team.

An important part of my dealings are with promoters and together we negotiate merch rates, ticket prices, guarantees, artist percentages, and essentially they buy the show from me. – Aight, so you've got your show, team, and a fan base, it's time to plan your route. – Spotify for Artists has data that can tell you where your music is really starting to pick up, which can be a roadmap to tell you where you might want to go on tour.



Interesting things

And then I've seen artists actually take screenshots of that data to help prove to venues or to booking agents that booking you would be a solid bet and that you'll be able to bring a crowd. – Once I know where a band is doing well I sketch a route based on those markets, I submit it to the manager and the artist for approval, I can then pass it over to the tour manager who will then work out the accommodations and the transportation. – I think the most important part of touring is when you get to actually have that facetime with your fans, and at the end of the day touring is so exhausting that that's really what makes it all worthwhile. – So there's a ton that needs to happen to get you road ready, but as soon as you are that's when the real fun starts. See you on the road! (swelling percussive music)



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