Wednesday, February 24

Planning Your Tour

Planning Your Tour (hip-hop music) (engine revving) – Touring has become a big part of releasing a record. There's no bigger buzz than getting out there and feeling the love from your fans. Take it from ASAP Ferg, he knows what it's all about. – What's poppin', world?

There is no better feeling than being on tour and seeing your crowd and your fans just go ballistic.


That's the validation you look for as an artist. That's my Grammy. – So how do you prepare to hit the road? Let's talk tour strategy with Charleton Lamb from Spotify. – 'Sup dude? Step one, you gotta hone your live act. The idea is to come up with a solid concept that you can adapt to any venue, big or small.

Then you gotta build a base. – It's super important for you to use your local network to build momentum. – Meet booking agent Carly James. – Hi! – Hi! – Taking support slots, it's gonna put you in front of an audience that you feel exposes you to this crowd and kind of incubating your career, starting locally. – And then once you're killing that local market, you can start thinking about expanding your reach. If you're selling out shows in Jersey, head over to Philly. If you're selling out in Philly, start thinking about Baltimore, D.C., Virginia, up and down the East Coast. – Do as much shows as possible, do collaborations.

Planning your life

No matter if it's five or 500 people, it's a crowd. – Planning your tour will be different depending on whether you're with a label or keeping it DIY. – If you're signed, your label might give you tour support. That's a team, transportation, money up front. They'll take care of a lot of it, but that probably means that your label booking agent will also take a cut. So that's something you need to understand before you hit the road. – If you're not signed to a label, get your pitch down.

Make a press kit, but most importantly, make it authentic, make it concise, and make it representative of you as an artist. Include the music you're currently making, maybe some press links, shows that you've played. Send your press kit to agencies, management companies, label A&Rs. – Starting from that really, kind of, DIY, more intimate place is super important. – Tei Shi has spent months on tour, she knows what's up. (laser blasting) So who can help you make this tour happen?

Tour manager Evan Lowe is here to give us the low-down. – Hello. A tour manager is someone who travels with the band and takes care of pretty much everything and everyone.

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