Wednesday, February 24

How Copyright Works (PART 2)

It's just easier. – [Narrator] And why does it matter who owns what? Because that determines who's in charge of how a recording or song gets used. It can also determine who gets paid when that song gets played. – Getting your money's always good. You must get your money, because it's your money.

That's my bag.


Gimme my bag. That's my car, you own it. If you own it. – Keep in mind, too, that rights ownership may vary depending on whether you're with a label or independent. – Most artists under label contract exchange rights to their work, or even ownership to their work for an advance, marketing and promotional support, and for a split of future royalties. – And if you collaborate with a major label artist, it's pretty much a given that you're gonna be transferring, reassigning, selling, or granting people a stake in your copyright. I've done it.

Paid for that song Copyright 

People are doing it every day. – On the other hand, if you're uploading through a content aggregator or through Spotify for Artists, the exclusive rights and the ownership stays with you. – [Narrator] The point is that you've got options. Okay, so you've recorded your track. What happens next? [Pinball Sounds] – So in the U.S., you may want to register your work with the copyright office. – And no matter where you are, if you wrote that song or composition, you might want to consider registering it with a performing rights organization, such as BMI or ASCAP, because they're the ones that are gonna make sure you get paid. – Paid for that song. – Paid for that song. Lawyer. – [Narrator] Or, if you're signed to a music publisher, they'll handle all that for you. – It's basically about understanding how to send your ideas forth into the world and still protect what's yours.

Like Wu Tang Clan. Protect Ya Neck. They told you from a long time ago what you needed to do. – [Narrator] Facts.

Copyright coming at ya. That's it y'all.



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