Wednesday, February 24

Rapman – Premier League Wrap Up (PART 2)

But for me it was Thierry Henry, remember how them Gunners were back in ‘03. You know they were incredible, they couldn’t be beaten, suppose that’s why they call it the “Invincible” season. But you know what I love most about the whole Prem is the fact you never really know how it’s gonna end.   (more…)

Rapman – Premier League Wrap Up

Rapman - Premier League Wrap Up Ayo, welcome to the Premier League. You already know that be the tekkiest division that the world’s ever seen. From ‘92 when it burst on the scene. Mad goals, mad games, football like we had never seen. Man United were the first to win it, Steve Bruce double headers in the final minutes. (more…)

Google Home You’ll Need To Give Me More Information Error – Fixed! (PART 2)

If you're looking at that right now and it's not turned on go ahead turn that on and you should be able to within seconds play your music. So let me show you I'm going to actually hit pause, and now that setting is off so let's go ahead and try. "Play Foo Fighters." "To get help with that you'll need to give me some more information you can do that in the Google...." So we don't need to hear that again but let's make sure that we're having the same problem over here. "Play Foo Fighters." "To get help with that you'll need to give me some." So there you go, so both devices now completely disabled from playing music and a lot of other services, and what I'll tell you is this whole set of different account set...

Google Home You’ll Need To Give Me More Information Error – Fixed!

  Google Home You'll Need To Give Me More Information Error - Fixed! "Play Foo Fighters." "To get help with that, you'll need to give me some more information. You can do that in the Google Home app." Now if you're one of the people who are getting that message, don't worry I have a solution here for you. (more…)

Promoting Your Work (PART 2)

Same with Spotify. You tell fans, potential fans, where they need to go to listen to your music. - [Narrator] Hey, Ariana and the Rose. - What's up? - [Narrator] How do you use CTAs to get followers? - I want fans to follow me, so I try to give them incentives and a call to action so that they feel like when they follow me, they'll be getting things back from me, whether that's music or merch or anything. (more…)

Promoting Your Work

  Promoting Your Work (coins dropping) - [Narrator] Music on Spotify, check. Artist page, looking great. Now it's time to kick back, relax, and-- (record scratch - You can't just put the music out there and expect for something magical just to happen. You gotta fight for attention. - [Narrator] This is Troy. (more…)

Sam Yeah from Spotify (PART 2)

So if you want to reach them here, Ad Studio can help - Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy to create audio ads that reach listener on Spotify's free tier. You can share a taste of you music with a targeted group of listener who are more likely to love it. - I use Ad Studio whenever I release a new song. - That's Brian Hazard from Color Theory. (more…)

Sam Yeah from Spotify (buy plays)

  - You've been working hard, doing your thing, and you're finally starting to pick up some heat. Now how are you gonna turn that exposure into clicks, followers and fans? - Sam Yeah from Spotify. - Is here to school us. - Feel like I have jazz hands. Before launching a digital campaign, you wanna understand your data. (more…)

Planning Your Tour (PART 2)

That means booking travels and accommodations, getting in touch with the venues in advance, scheduling, security, dressing rooms, technical riders, hospitality riders, you want me to keep going? - I think we got it. Keep in mind, if you don't have a tour manager you'll have to juggle it all yourself, or have a friend or bandmate do it for you. - You'll also work with booking agents who can connect you to venues in exchange for a cut, with promoters who can hire you for shows, and sometimes with talent buyers who work directly for venues. - So as a booking agent I work with everyone on the artist's team. (more…)

Planning Your Tour

Planning Your Tour (hip-hop music) (engine revving) - Touring has become a big part of releasing a record. There's no bigger buzz than getting out there and feeling the love from your fans. Take it from ASAP Ferg, he knows what it's all about. - What's poppin', world? There is no better feeling than being on tour and seeing your crowd and your fans just go ballistic. (more…)